The Michael Lee Band - Fri May-29 at FiFi Dubois - San Angelo     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Sat May-30 at Sealy Flats - San Angelo     ♦    Michael Lee - Thu Jun-4 7:30 at Tap-In Grill & Pub     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Fri Jun-5 7:00 PM at Babb Bros BBQ & Blues     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Sat Jun-6 9:00 PM at Stumpys Blues Bar     ♦    Michael Lee - Thu Jun-11 8:00 PM at Bar Louie - Hurst     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Sat Jun-13 at Farinas Winery Grapevine     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Sat Jun-20 8:00 PM at Boondocks PK Lake     ♦    Michael Lee - Thu Jun-25 9:00 PM at Bar Louie - Arlington     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Sat Jun-27 4:30 PM at Allen USA Celebration     ♦    The Michael Lee Band - Sat Jul-18 at Animas River Blues & Brews     ♦   

The Michael Lee Band

The Michael Lee Band was started at the end of a previous band called "Last Call". The Michael Lee Band will continue where Last Call left off, providing a fun, professional, and lively performance at every gig.

Michael Lee

Born in Bedford Texas Michae's love of the Blues started early with the music of his parents. "I recall being pulled out of Pre-School to go see BB King in concert. There was some headliner that at the time I didn't know but knew BB King was the man and I was so thrilled to see the king." Michael picked up the guitar and saxophone at the same time when he was 12 years old. He learned to play by ear with the guitar and read the charts with the saxophone. Getting a large dose of music everywhere he turned from the local music scene. Michael decided he had to learn to sing and start his own solo band.

In April of 2014 Michael released his debut self titled album "Michael Lee". This album is a "Record" as he likes to put it. "It's a record and it's exactly that! A record in time of everything I have ever done up until this point. It sums me up in 11 songs."
This album is all original music written by Michael, and it is a peek into the man's soul.

Starting off with a bang, "Hell's Highway" is the first song on the album. Its rockin' vocals and emotional guitar lines, grooves and moves you back to a different time. Hell's Highway

Not only can Michael rock your socks off, but the soulful voice and tenderness that you hear in the song "Don't Leave Me", really solidifies Michael as a true blues man and song writer. Michael has always been told he has an "Old Soul" and his soul shines on this track, Don't Leave Me

Michael is an electric performer and you do not want to miss a live show. You will not be sorry.
You can see his schedule here: Scheduled Shows

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